Heaven Sprout Foods Ltd

Our purpose is to connect Andean agriculture with the world

Did you know that approximately 1,000 to 2,000 species of vegetables and fruits are harvested in the Andes 🏔️?

What makes them so valuable to the world? 🤔🌎
1. This region has key crops for the food security of local populations and global health and nutrition💪.
2. Farmers grow a lot of local varieties and use sustainable farming techniques 🌱.
3. Their diverse crops contain multiple nutrients and contribute to a balanced diet.

We partnered with local Andean agricultures and producers capitalizing on trends, technology, and innovation. This movement generates an impressive social impact.


@dipalmaofficial  and  @dipalmacanada is our plant-base and low carb alternative, made from the nutritious harvested hearts of palm 🌴 cultivated in the Andes ⛰️ mountain range by local farmers.

Heart of palm is sustainably grown as it is transferred to optimal herbal lens enabling it to generate new plants 🌱.

Good for You ● Good for communities ● Good for planet

Good for You ● Good for communities ● Good for planet

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